What can a creativity coach do for you?


Of the many obstacles that stand between you and your goals, only some are beyond your control. The rest are deeply rooted habits of mind: perhaps a pattern of procrastination, a nagging sense of guilt at putting yourself first, or confusion about where to begin. Fortunately, these patterns can be changed over time.

Just as it’s easier to exercise if you have a work-out buddy, starting and maintaining a vibrant creative life is easier if you have someone in your corner to help along the way. You are your own life expert: only you know your true potential, and only you know your deepest dreams. My job as your coach is to help you brainstorm the path toward the life of your dreams…and to keep you accountable as you take steps toward that goal.

As your coach, I will meet with you weekly as you plan, begin, and maintain a creative lifestyle that works for you. This isn’t about following my agenda…it’s about finding a positive life habit that fits you and your personality.

What are you waiting for? Contact me now to schedule a free half-hour consultation.